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Our mission is to love and serve our community and world with the good news of Jesus Christ, bringing people together across the lines of race and class to worship and follow Jesus.

ADVANCE Specific Goals

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1. Worship Space: At Grace Church, our sanctuary during the first service is past “full”. Typically, we are at 80% seating capacity, often 90%. There are, in fact, occasions when families are unable to sit together for worship. While a small percentage of people find the gym worship overflow area acceptable, most find it unsuitable or undesirable. It’s not a good venue for long-range growth. The second service has not yet been able to provide a growth avenue (in terms of drawing first service attendees). Factors may include: worship style, time, and children’s opportunities. The ADVANCE initiative will enable us to build a new and larger sanctuary.

2. Christian Education Space: Some of our adult classes are “full to the brim.” Interest has been expressed in several additional adult class opportunities. If we had space, Sunday School might be a great time for ESL classes, especially for 1st generation Koreans and Latinos. A growing number of young families will soon require additional pre-school rooms. The gym space helps some, but there are no more rooms available. Some have suggested having classes/groups at other times, but it is our belief that Sunday morning is the most convenient or ‘prime time’ for Christian Education in contemporary society. Our master plan for the development of our full campus ultimately calls for expansion of classroom and office space by converting our current sanctuary space into two floors of rooms. We won’t be able do the full conversion in this project, but we can begin to make use of the ‘old’ sanctuary space for additional classes. Bottom line: the path to more education rooms is actually to build a new sanctuary. The ADVANCE initiative will make this possible.

3. Fellowship Space: Our current Lobby and Connector Hallway are packed between services, making it very difficult to get to mailboxes, coffee, to classes, or even into the sanctuary. There is no suitable space to enjoy casual conversations. The ADVANCE initiative would allow us to expand the Connector Hallway area with a 1600 sq. ft. fellowship area.

4. Parking Space: Our parking area often fills during first service. Consequently, there is much traffic congestion, and those coming in for the second service experience difficulty finding available parking spots. The ADVANCE initiative will both expand our parking area (including paving current gravel areas) and improve traffic flow by creating a new exit from the north end of the parking lot onto State College Road.


1. Inside: The ADVANCE initiative is an opportunity to address some critical needs through strategic staffing, including: Christian Education, Korean ministry, Diaconal ministry, building maintenance, video/ media communications, and secretarial support.

2. Outside: We have some exciting new opportunities for kingdom impact in our community and beyond. We hope to: [a] help fund a down payment for a house for the MARTHA AND MARY ministry (addiction recovery for women in lower DE) [b] fund the launch of a transitional home for DAUGHTERS OF BULGARIA (ministry to sex trafficking victims led by our missionaries Dal and Beth Stanton) [c] provide a seed gift for an Executive Director position for GRACE FOR DOVER (community development ministry)


The ADVANCE initiative is an exciting opportunity for spiritual growth as followers of Christ in developing a lifestyle of generosity – time, talents, and finances. We all have room for learning and growth in this area of financial management. (It was, in fact, Jesus’ most frequent teaching topic!) In particular, there are nearly 40% of our attendees giving little or nothing (under $500/yr.). This initiative will spur us to spiritual growth, as it calls each of us to be “all in” to ADVANCE the ministry of Grace.