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Spring 2019 Adult Sunday School Classes

News for 01.13.19
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Spring 2019 Adult Sunday School Offerings

Select from five opportunities for learning and growing  ---


  • The Life Of Christ: Crucifixion, Resurrecton, Ascension
    Carlton Walker (N-104)
    • This course will begin with Jesus' civil trial before Pontius Pilate and will conclude with the account of his ascension into heaven to his exalted position at the right hand of the Father. It will examine the events that provide the foundation of salvation and the final teachings of Jesus during his concluding days of his incarnation on earth. The format will consist of teaching, illustrative audio-visuals, and time for discussion.


  • Sermon Discussion
    John Haller (N-103)
    • This lively, discussion-based class will spend time reviewing the sermon, looking for application, seeking how to apply it to our lives, and praying for one another. Jump in anytime - this is a welcoming place where newcomers can get to know people
  • The Trials of Jesus
    Rev. Bud Russell (N-102)
    • Before the physical horrors endured by Jesus at Calvary came a nightmare of illegalities. In The Trial of Christ, classes will examine civil and religious law - both Hebrew and Roman - and expose the violations that occurred during Christ's betrayal, arrest, and trial. This compelling study is based on a close reading of the four gospels, in light civil and criminal jurisprudence.  Lessons will takes us step-by-step through those legal farces enacted before Annas, Caiaphas, Pontius Pilate, and Herod Antipas. It's a tragic drama when legitimate judges evaded responsibility, didn't have the courage of their convictions, or distorted the evidence.
  • Woman's Clas: The Gospel of John
    Connie Foster (N-104)
    • They will be studying the Gospel of John and look at the life and ministry of Christ.

  • The Twelve Steps: A Biblical Exploration
    Elders Lee Hummel & Craig Scheir (Room N105)
    • It is well known that the twelve-step program developed by Alcoholics Anonymous has become the model for many other popular, lay-managed programs of treatment targeted at people with addictions, compulsions, or dependencies.  Some say the twelve steps are America's most significant and authentic contribution to the history of spirituality. But are they Biblical and do they align with historic Christian thought? This class will review the individual steps, as well as other principles and ideas from AA, the biblical origin and soundness of the twelve steps, and discuss whether the church can benefit from the wisdom found in them.  You may find that there are practical applications of the steps for anyone and everyone.