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Ironworks (Men's Ministry)

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How about some Real Talk. That's what Ironworks is about. It's not about treating you like a little kid, or exposing your sins, or having to "dump your junk" all over the rug, or making you feel like crap cause you didn’t follow the "rules". Maybe you don’t even feel like talking; maybe you just want to listen. Struggling to find meaning in the day-to-day of life sometimes? And where does this Jesus guy fit into all this?

Yup, we know. We get it. Been there and, sometimes, still are there. Ironworks. It's about walking through Life together; a platoon of wretches who found (and keep finding) God's good grace, somehow. It's about being sharpened and sharpening others. Steel on Steel. Real Talk, Real Life, Real Issues. A squadron of real men, with real problems, battling three enemies: the world, my deceitful self, and the accuser.

Would you go out into a firefight alone? No wingman, no buddy to watch your back? We have a saying, "Two is One, One is NONE." Think about it; if it's time to get real, and you're tired of going it alone, come check us out. Ready to enlist? The bigger the number, the stronger we fight!

For more info: contact (302) 222-9777.