Our mission is to love and serve our community and world with the good news of Jesus Christ, bringing people together across the lines of race and class to worship and follow Jesus.


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Download the Prayer Guide The Prayer Guide is a supplement to our weekly newsletter, The Connection. An attendee account log in is required to view this document.

Join the Email Prayer List: To be part of our online prayer group and receive prayer requests by email, click here. Addition to the prayer network requires approval of moderator, Pastor Kenny Foster.

Guidelines for Prayer Requests

  • Medically sensitive or private details should not be included but should be summarized in a general fashion.
  • If you are submitting a request for someone other than yourself, you should first obtain permission from the person for whom you are requesting prayer. For sensitive matters, it is a good idea also to run your wording of the request by the person in advance. Requests published for those outside the Grace Church family will ordinarily indicate who is making the request.
  • If space is limited, priority will be given to Grace attendees and visitors and their immediate families.
  • The pastoral staff reserves the right to exercise pastoral discretion in editing requests and in deciding whether to publish a request.

Submit Prayer Requests

To Prayer Guide: Requests are ordinarily published Sundays in our Prayer Guide,
a newsletter supplement placed only in boxes of regular attendees at the church. 
To submit a request, click HERE.

To Email Prayer Group: If your request is urgent and you would like it to be communicated as soon as possible to a special email prayer group (of about 80), click here. Requests are ordinarily communicated to the email prayer team within 24 hours. There is also an option for it to be included in the Sunday prayer guide.

To Pastors Only: If you want your request to go only to the pastoral staff
(not to the email prayer group or to the printed Prayer Guide), click here.